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I have just relayed two fairly odd stories of situations involving guns in adverse situations.
This is my only other story and fairly straight forward.
The only time I ever displayed a firearm.
I was downtown Miami pulling a conveyor permit some years ago.
The building I had to pull the permit at was the same area that housed the tent city that held the Marielitios ( Cuban Refuges of the 80's exodus) some few years prior. You saw a mock up of it in Scar Face.
The parking was all under an underpass.
As I got close to my car, two scruffy men who had been laying down in a rusted out Mercedes quickly left the car and started toward me.
I sped to my car, locked it and put my firearm in my lap as they approached me and rapped on my window.
They stopped when they saw the pistol in my lap and said " Nice Car ".
"I said, yeah, and I will keep it". They turned and walked away.
End of story.
Maybe I should have just hurried to start the car. I felt at the time --- they were right on my A$$ so I did what I did. You can always second guess.
Here is to hoping I never have another story.
The three stories span 25 years. I am 60 now.
All the wild crazy stuff and the hairy places I went as a young man, places maybe I shouldn't have gone --- nary a problem.
All the problems happened coming home from work,working, or sitting in my easy chair!!!! In my middle age.

Jeesh!!! lol

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