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Recipe Thread for Fried Deer Loin steak

I like just plain old fried loin steak .
Cut Loin steak 1/4" thick.
Dredge in flour (twice.) Second time just before placing in frying pan.
8" Hot frying pan with 1/4 stick of butter and a drizzle of olive oil for cooking the meat in. (don't burn the butter)
Pepper meat to taste. (no salt)

Fry steak till preferred done'ness. Remember to turn meat over once only
Remove steak from frying pan to covered dish.
1/2 med size onion cut into thin rings and cook in same hot frying pan.
Add 1 1/2-onces of Teriyaki Sauce mixed with 3-5-oz. of cold water.
Cook mixture over high heat. Stir those onions around a little bit. Pepper to taste. Cover and cook till onions are steamed and done.
Pour the entire frying pan contents over the already plated fried steak.
Serve with lightly mashed boiled potatoes. Spill some of that onion sauce on top of those boiled taters and the over your steak too. >Mighty tasty. You'll wish you had fried more than you actually did._
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