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I would think that for most people it would actually be quite easy for them to shoot someone in the head from a pace or two away since they're not looking the person in the face, the target is probably stationary (peering around corner), and most people (having seen "head-shots" in countless movies where only a little bloody red spot appears on the victims head) don't realize till after the first time just how messy it really is so there'd be no real reason for them not to.

And anybody with 2 brains cells to spark together knows that police wear vests so that's NOT where you want to be aiming.

As for the backup guy, I'm sure that the majority of them would, if the police showed up and didn't know they were a BG too, probably walk away or pretend to be a bystander. The woman who shot the cop is an abberation, otherwise there'd be a lot more dead cops than there are.

Only if the backup thought it was a bystander or do-gooder, and the risks were worth exposing themselves as BGs to witnesses and cameras would they possibly interfer.
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