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Dear {Wyoredman}:

I believe we need to keep guns out of the hands of bad people, but there has to be that balance between protecting our citizens and our constitutional rights. We must define the problem before we propose an answer. People owning guns and shooting guns is not the problem. The problem is violence and its cause. We need to continue to seek solutions, but we shouldn’t let fear drive us down the road of giving up more and more of our most important and basic freedoms.

While President Obama cannot pass a bill without Congress, I have serious concerns about the executive orders issued and will continue to address this Administration’s disregard for the principles upon which our government was founded. If the President is serious about addressing gun violence his suggested actions need to be drafted into legislative language, considered in committee and debated on the floor with amendments. This is a matter that concerns Constitutional rights so I’m concerned about proposals which could circumvent the legislative process.

I have one of the best voting records protecting our Second Amendment rights. I believe we need to find out which of the current gun laws are working to keep guns out of the hands of criminals, and then make sure that those laws are enforced. While specific legislation has not been introduced, I will keep your thoughts and concerns in mind.


Michael B. Enzi

United States Senator

This is the reply I received from one of my Senators today. I hope most other Senators have a like mind, but I feel that may not be the case.
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