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Just a thought

Hi all,
For the sake of argument lets say Spark's wife's water breaks. "Oh crap" I need to call 911 and dont have a phone. He jumps from the car and looks around a noisy parking lot hoping to find someone who can make the call for paramedics. "There's a guy" "Hey buddy, can I talk to you?" In the noisy lot he approaches the fellow looking for help after not hearing his reply from such a distance. At somewhere around 75 feet out he sees that the fellow is standing with a hand on a gun and he decides he will drive his wife to the hospital himself, hops in his car and takes off.
Well? Who knows? Does anyone know what this fellow wanted?
If he needed help he could have walked into the Walmart which was open and asked to use the phone, his car wouldn't have been running with the lights off hidden from view, he would have parked in the fire lane, or heck even drove faster to the hospital without stopping.

He was looking to rob some easy mark and take their car and cell phone at the very least. I doubt he saw the gun, most likely he read your body language, saw you were ready for a fight, and decided to look for an easier mark.

You did good, and saved yourself from a robbery and assault. If he had been a panhandler, he would hev waited for the next person to come out and asked them for money.
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