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Why are people getting so heated in their responses?
Yeah, it's no big deal guys, it happened to me and I'm not getting all worked up over what other people think. It's a discussion, everyone is entitled to their opinion, let's try to remember that.

The only thing we know for sure is that the couple was approached in a parking lot by a guy, 30-40 yards away, who called out to them; didn't stop approaching them when prompted until he was 20 yards away; drove away when faced with a possibly armed person.
Had a running vehicle concealed with it's lights off...

NOBODY knows for sure that person was out to kill the couple.
Even I don't think he was OUT to kill us. Dead is what happens to you when the BG who's IQ isn't that high in the first place thinks the situation will somehow be better if there's no one left to testify against them in court. Or when my wife can't get her wedding ring off fast enough to suit him and he decides to pistol whip her for non compliance, or when etc... etc...

Robberies are not friendly events.

OK. The water breaking scenario was too fantastic to take seriously, but since the Wmart is just off a highway, what if it was a guy who pulled off cause he was lost and wanted directions? What if he didn't hear the negative response from 30-40 yards away and so kept on coming? Remember what the guy yelled to Sparks wasn't entirely intelligible to him from that distance. After saying no and a hand gesture from 30-40 yards out, do you give up on the non-deadly response? At what point does the gun come out? 18 yards? 15 yards? 12 yards? How about repeatedly yelling at the guy to stop?
Is that area of Ohio that deadly that you go straight from saying stop to the most extreme response?
I heard exactly what he said, I just didn't want to insert the urban vocabulary since the point of the post wasn't about his grammar.

I also guarantee you that he heard me very clearly. I'm loud in FTF conversations (I don't have a good inside voice) if you put me outside at night with no other noise then I'm VERY easy to hear, especially when I want to be.

  1. He only called to us when he saw that I noticed him.
  2. When I replied in the negative he paused, then began walking towards us quicker than he had been before.
  3. He only stopped approaching when I made what could be considered a threatening gesture.
  4. He exited the scene in a vehicle that had been left running with it's lights off, concealed from view for ANYONE coming from the store. Get away car much?

Or, maybe I'm just paranoid...
J.M. Johnston
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