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One big problem that your average "good" person has is leaving "friendly politeness" at the curb when it comes to personal safety.

I think you did it right by quickly saying NO! you can not! Most average people would have second guessed themselves and allowed the stranger to come up and talk to them before making a decision to avoid him. All our lives we have been taught that we should be polite. We have been taught this so much that most would rather put themselves in a awkward situation rather than hurt someones feelings or being seen as (rude).

Being direct/firm when talking to strangers is neither rude or abusive.

Your quick verbal reaction helped by giving you further evidence of his possible intent when he failed to follow your command.

The fact that you didnt pull your weapon shows your control. You took each step as you needed to and didnt over-react.

I am glad it turned out well.
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