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"Trust your gut" is one of my cardinal rules in life. The OP trusted his, and it sounds to me as if he did exactly the right thing.

A friend of mine, who doesn't carry, once walked into a convenience store for a soda. She said something just didn't feel right; "the hair on the back of my neck was standing up." She decided to forego the soda and left. When she got home, she heard that the store had been robbed about two minutes after she'd left.
There was one night, yeah, many moons ago, when I stopped for cigs at the behest of my friend.

I saw a car dart into the "stop and rob" and a (not a racist comment, just fact) black youngster jumped out of the the car and was walking very quickly to the entrance.

For whatever reason my friend looked back at me and I was on full alert, having seen what he barely noticed at first.

I made a motion that indicated that he return to to my car and we left at high speed.

Maybe dude needed to pee really bad....

I didn't want to find out one way or the other!
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