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Thank you gentlemen for your replies. For me it was a question that help bring me up to speed on today's regulations.

As I mentioned in my post, I was perfectly happy with my Galil as is...I am just sad that we have lost the right to own some fine rifles (PC=assault weapons). I went from a period of being able to purchase and own some of these rifles just for our own enjoyment in target shooting, owning part of history, keeping it as a "Just in case" weapon while hoping that we never have to use it, and just plain marveling at the simplicity of a machine.

I regret gentlemen, that like "civilized wars" and all the gallantry and weaponry that went with it. Then when we were issued and trusted with all kinds of weapons that we used in war and we could have lost our lives in those wars to preserve our freedoms, only to come home and have that very right that we fought and died for be taken away....I regress, gentlemen. I am sure that I am singing to the choir.

Thank you again for your answers.

Keep your powder dry and shoot straight.
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