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Interesting. One of the spam plugins does block access to visitors who aren't even logged in, and I don't see a config setting to change that.

I don't think it should do that. However, the marginal benefit of allowing anonymous users visiting over tor is extremely low. Convince me that's wrong and I'll investigate changing it. A lot of hack attempts (including mass password guessing) are frequently done via tor, which is a major reason tor exit nodes end up in centralized IP blocklists.

It's not blocking tor nodes specifically. Some exit nodes have bad reputation and are blocked, while some don't and are allowed to visit. If you keep re-building the tor circuit, you should be able to see pages eventually. Or you can just use google's cache. Internet Archive probably has a mirror of TFL's posts as well.

I've given up on tor for the most part because it's slow and because of exactly this: lots of sites block it. Not to mention that tor exit nodes can log traffic and inject malware into any sites you visit that aren't encrypted. Most people use VPNs now; they're good enough for most privacy/anonymity purposes, unless you're doing something that rises above the noise to aggravate some government.
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