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Unfortunately, this forum's owners have decided that TOR browser users cannot even access the forum to read let alone login and participate.
It's not a crusade against Tor users. The problem is on Tor's end.

I downloaded it and tried to access this site. I got a notice that the fake IP Tor assigned me is flagged as a spammer. Out of curiosity, I went to my personal site, which runs Wordpress. I received a 403 error that, "your IP address appeared on the third-party Project Honey Pot list as a source of spam or other malicious activity."

Both the Akismet and Bad Behavior plugins report this IP as suspicious. These are the most common anti-spam plugins out there.

The results from Project Honey Pot are interesting. Tor is telling websites that I'm visiting from Germany, and that this IP is the source of pornographic spam.

If my experience is typical, well...yeah. Tor users are going to have problems on all sorts of websites.
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