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Originally Posted by dgludwig View Post
I replaced my Model 220 with a Model 227, mostly because the grip felt better in my hand; the couple of extra rounds were icing on the cake. The E2 ("Enhanced Ergonomics") grips on my Model 226 feels much the same as the grip on my Model 227. On occasion, I carry the Model 227 comfortably concealed in a Galco "King Tuk", iwb holster.
I really like this pistol and would recommend it to anyone wanting a well-made, utterly reliable, da pistol, assuming it fits well in your hand.
My 229 is some upleveI version, came with these low profile gritty grips - love them. My 226 is a tacops and its got grips on it made to be a little wider, is OK but on my list of chit to do is to go for the slimmer versions Ive seen.

Ive got wider shorter fingers and hands, 226 is perfectly GTG but I dont wish for a wider grip at all.. for +4 rounds seems like a good compromise but if all I actually get reliably is +2 doesnt seem worth a trade off. Odd though Sig couldnt make 14 rounds work or would sell a mag that wasnt reliable for that matter.
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