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Go for it Bogie!!! Just write me here or at my personal e-mail if you have a personal and private question of some sort. If you write here though, I'll see it.

Smell? He rented a commercial Steam Cleaner, got up inside and cleaned it out with the water and soap setting first using liquid dishwasher detergent (because it is a great grease cutter and doesn't suds when sprayed). Then he went in and threw around about 20 pounds of baking soda all over the insides while it was still moist so it stuck to everything. He then washed it all out and sprayed it all down with several gallons of white vinegar inside, let it sit for a few hours, washed it out and then ran a salamandar heater into it for several hours to heat dry it.

He then welded in some supports for the interior stuff he wanted to do. Afterwards he went to a roofing insulation place that did spray foam plastic insulation and sprayed it with a couple of inches of the high density foam insulation and then the vinyl skim coat. The foam was about 4 inches thick.

He squared the floor and walls with steel framing like they make steel studded homes out of. He glued and screwed heavy wood paneling that he got from a building salvage yard and did it double thick with overlapping seams. He cut behind-the-wall and behind-the-floor and ceiling storage spaces all over the place. The place was quiet as a snow cave inside. He could have his stereo blasting inside and it was un-hearable outside. He needed no heat usually and when he did he used a small 12 volt car heater from the Western Auto store that is sold to keep old people's feet warm.

He used all yacht, motor home and airplane stuff inside which is already 12 volt. He bought a couple of used electric fork lift batteries and welded some huge battery boxes for them underneath. He then covered the cab roof with solar cells to charge the batteries. They were also charged whenever the truck was running.

He only got about 9 miles to the gallon but he had about $3,000 in the truck/home when he was done. It was pretty strange. The weirdest part was watching people watch him as he would go in and out of the truck. They usually just pretended they didn't see him. He'd wave and they'd turn thier heads and try to not see him.
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