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4V50 Gary Never underestimate the stupidity of bureaucracy. Tee-eeS-A tried to fine me for flying with an undeclared firearm. I told the ground personnel it was a flintlock. On top of that, I told others it was non-working (no touchhole drilled). Anyway, Tee-eeS-A called me and I explained that I was a police officer, that I knew the rules and have flown with firearms locked in secured cases but that per ATF flintlocks and replica thereofs are not firearms per se. I directed the investigator to the relevant ATF rule. Still the investigator decided to slap me with a minor fine ($100) which I fought. The Atty Gen. had it dismissed in the interest of justice (what other choice was there when you don't have a case).
FYI......ATF has zippity do dah to do with anything related to flying with a firearm. How ATF defines firearms only applies to commerce in firearms.
TSA, USPS, DOT can have their own definitions and they often are not identical to how ATF defines. A great example is how USPS defines "handgun".....basically any firearm that can be concealed on the person.

In this case Rothedel, this is shifting the burden of proof of innocence onto the accused. Looks like we've adopted Code Napoleon. Even when you proved you're innocence, they are like an immovable stone reluctant to admit mistakes.
OP wasn't accused of anything.
OP wasn't charged with any crime.
OP didn't stand trial.
OP didn't have any burden of proof, or anything else remotely related to Napoleonic law.

He failed a background check. Its that simple.
He's fortunate that the source of the identity issue was so forthcoming and helpful.

NICS worked exactly as its supposed to in this case.
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