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Originally Posted by Metal god
Them my next question would be , They need to contact FFL with in 24hrs of what . The initial NICS or 24hrs from denial ? If it's from denial what makes an immediate denial different from a delayed one as far as contacting anyone ?
This was already answered: The new law requires NICS to notify law enforcement within 24 hours of a denial.

A delay is not a denial ... unless it subsequently changes to a denial, which would be the event that triggers the law enforcement notification.

Originally Posted by Metal god
The delay can take a year ( extreme example ) Why do they need the info before the denial ? Does the name and address get erased during a delay ?
They need (or want) the full address because once a delay becomes a denial they only have 24 hours to notify law enforcement. It doesn't matter how long the delay lasts. It's not a denial until it becomes a denial.

Why would they delete the address information during the delay? That would nullify the reason they collected it in the first place -- if they delete it, they won't have it if the delay becomes a denial.

Originally Posted by Metal god
If they can start the the 24hr clock the instant you are denied , they can start the clock after a 2 day delay then a denial .
That's the whole point. The [purported] concern is that IF a delay turns into a denial, that triggers a 24-hour notification window. The FBI is saying that 24 hours may not be enough time to contact the FFL to get the address information.

Example: The indoor range where I shoot is closed on Mondays, so their shop is closed on Mondays. Say he sold a gun on Friday or Saturday that was put on delay. Monday morning the delay becomes a denial. They can't reach him on Monday because he's closed, and on Tuesday he doesn't open until 11:00 a.m. (or noon -- don't remember exactly). So they can't even reach him within the 24 hours and, once they do reach him, then he has to look up the information for them, and then they have to forward it to law enforcement.
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