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Apparently the new law requires NICS to notify law enforcement of all denials with 24 hours. If they are processing a delay and they turn up information that changes it to a denial, I can see how the timing might make it difficult for them (NICS) to contact the FFL to get the transferee's full name and address and then transmit that to law enforcement within 24 hours so, although I don't like it, I can understand why they would want the full name and address up front.
Them my next question would be , They need to contact FFL with in 24hrs of what . The initial NICS or 24hrs from denial ? If it's from denial what makes an immediate denial different from a delayed one as far as contacting anyone ?

The delay can take a year ( extreme example ) Why do they need the info before the denial ? Does the name and address get erased during a delay ?

You get denied the day of -ok they have 24hrs , you get delayed 2 days and denied - ok again they again have 24hrs from denial correct ? As far as I can tell the denial is what starts things in motion to start making the contacts . I can see how it could be helpful to whom ever but it would also be easier on LEO if they didn't need warrants either . I just don't think it matters how much more helpful it would be in this context . This is collecting firearms ownership related data with no clear reasoning IMHO . If they can start the 24hr clock the instant you are denied , they can start the clock after a 2 day delay then a denial in the same way .

I'm not 100% sure but in CA I don't think they ever get a proceed . If it does not come back delayed or denied inside that 10 days . The store calls you up to come get your item or as I do , I just got pick the item up with in hours of the release date and time .
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