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Well, here's a twist.
Note above my loaded cases ranged from 0.670 to 0.675. The recommended size is 0.670-0.680 with 0.675 in the middle being preferred.

I measured the 18 fired cases. ONE was 0.670 and the rest were all less than that - the smallest being 0.667. I resized a few for the heck of it and they went up to 0.671 and 0.672.

Since I have never measured these cases before, it seems possible that higgite was correct when he said the shorter cases may not have had the flare removed during taper crimping.

Is it reasonable to set the taper crimp die for the smallest case, i.e., 0.670? Will that make the crimp even tighter on cases in the 0.675 + range? Will it create pressure concerns?
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