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Ok i am old and have a slow acting memory, and read my notes. Because am using .380 range pick ups for practice rounds, invested in custom Lee factory undersize die (ordered from Lee) and Lee factory crimp die. The undersize die, in addition to Lee bulge buster kit, allows any .380 i have used so far to be fully resized to appropriate diam. It also allowed increasing case neck tension on the bullet. Invested in this because of the wide variation of .380 firearms, and how they treat brass. While not relevant to most situations perhaps, also found that when using a PPK with heavier recoil spring, instead of bullet set back, had bullet pull resulting from the feeding cycle.

Yes it is an extra couple of steps, but once done normally resizing can be used for same pistol.

Edited to clarify the bulge buster is used with the factory crimp die, and the undersize die is used to neck size the case after. THe case mouth is not expanded back by factory plug.

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