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Some basic questions:

Do factory rounds function properly? If so, how close is the nose profile of your bullets to those in the factory rounds that work?

What is the weight of the 1911's recoil spring?

Has the feed ramp been polished?

Have you checked that the bottom edge of the chamber entry throat doesn't overhang the end of the feed ramp with the action open?

Have you measured the case diameters all the way down the case? I would use an OD thimble micrometer that resolves 0.0001" for this, as calipers can sometimes be fooled by beam or jaw flexing. Normally the 380's would be about 0.470" at the case mouth and would not exceed 0.473" anywhere. The SAAMI drawing allows 0.4739" maximum right in front of the case head, but that extra almost-a-thousandth is not present most of the time and 0.470" is a more typical average diameter.
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