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Rossi 92 has to go: Which 1873?

Hey guys,

some years ago I bought a NIB Rossi 92 .357 as a christmas present for myself.

The first time I took it to the range I noticed the rough and stiff action.

Also after 500-700 rounds the ejector broke, so I dissasembled the rifle, polished the action affected areas and replaced the ejector and also the ejector spring. After that, the action was really slick, but still problems with feeding and cycling.

(Don't have to mention that the internals we're looking as they have been built by a blind crackhead on a bad trip)

So I disassembled it again, figured out that the fu***ng cartridge guides are the problem and carefully polished those again and again.

Now I'm able to cycle 7 of 10 rounds without issues, but the action will hang up here and there with some of the loads.

I know that lever actions (especially the 92) is OAL sensitive, so I've tried different lenghts and got to a point, where it will cycle at least 90% of the rounds without any flaws, but at this point the OAL is near at those of the .38 spec. specs.

so long story short:
I just don't want to reload at different length for this rifle, neither trying more different bullet types or something else. It just has to go.
Yesterday at the way home from the range I was really about to throw it in the river.

It has to go, and first of all i'm cured about the 92s, and I'm planning to get a 1873 (miroku)

Is there a model superior to others related to barrel length or type ? (short rifle vs carbine?)

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