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Besides our general (statewide) deer tag here in Wyoming, the particular hunt area I live in has an overload of whitetails that need to be thinned out some. Wyoming Game and Fish issue what's called "Doe/Fawn" tags at a reduced price, which is a great deal to fill a freezer with good venison (whitetails only, and does or fawns are legal to take, and only in my particular area). I had to use my m.l. in the 2-acre parcel I hunted in because of nearby residences, cattle and horses. Actually, it was a perfect rifle to use there. In the past, the owner has only allowed bowhunters in there, as high-powered rifles wouldn't be a safe bet to use that close to people, houses and livestock. But he allowed as how if I wanted to use a black powder rifle in there, he ok'd the deal. He's hunted with m.l.s too, so he knew how well they worked.
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