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The last deer of my hunting season this year, was killed the middle of last month using my traditional .50 cal. caplock. I got permission to hunt this private land on the edge of my town, and there was the need to be fairly precise in keeping a shot critter in the confines of about 2 acres (yeah, just in case of a bad shot...). This was so that a wounded deer wouldn't go and die in some neighbor's yard. I had to consider my dear ol' .50 ball shooter as to be a "surgical" tool, and so it was.

I had an additional whitetail doe/fawn tag to fill and found a great place to sit and wait my opportunity. I had my range finder with me and made sure all of my shooting lanes were covered for a good, ranged shot. I waited just a bit over an hour, and my opportunity came; broadside shot at a nice doe, 45 yds. distance. Behind the shoulder, about a third of the way up the body from the belly line and touched off the shot. She went down immediately, kicked once and gave up the ghost. It still amazes me as pretty dramatic what those old-styled firearms can do.

70 grains of 1.5 Swiss b.p. and a pillow ticking patched .490 round ball put that deer down, and she was dead when after reloading and walking up to her to do the field dressing. The ball was a pass through, with about a 1" hole on the exit. There was no other firearm that could have done the work any better.
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