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P.O. Ackley Krag

I picked this Krag up at a local gun shop this afternoon with plans to put a stock and some sights on it and make a deer rifle out of it. I never buy sporterized military rifles since I prefer them in their original configuration but the price was right on this one. As I was doing paperwork on the rifle I noticed that the barrel was stamped P.O. Ackley and I remembered the name from the blow up tests he did on military rifles and the wildcat cartridges he invented. So I have a few questions about the rifle I bought:

- Was this rifle rebarreled by Ackley himself or were barrels sold with his name stamped on them?

- Is it odd to have an Ackley rifle with a standard 30-40 Krag barrel instead of one of his "Improved" cartridges?

- Does the Ackley barrel add any value to the rifle?

Here are a few photos:

Thanks in advance for any information.
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