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Detailed instructions on using external image hosting sites

If you guys want to posts pictures here without posting attachments, you will have to register at one of these sites to upload pictures from your files there and then copy and paste the address url of the photo here. (No longer a recommended site.)

There are others as well. I use the most. The new has unlimited picture posting and doesn't cost a thing. All you have to do is register there. I know you used to have to pay for additional picture posting space at once you went over the space they allowed you. They may have changed since I typed this and might be free as well now. You might want to check. Both of these sites are very good to post pictures with.

Go to one of the sites above and register with a username and password. After you take your pictures from your camera and save in a file(remember the file you save them in) you can upload the pictures at the sites above once you are logged in. Go to upload and click it. Then click browse. Then at the top you will see where you can go to the file that you have the pictures stored in. Click on the picture you want to upload and then click open. This will put the file code to that picture in the upload slot. Then click upload/submit at the bottom. Remember that the picture can't be too big or it won't upload. I like using about 800 x 600 pixel size. So set your camera on the smallest image pixel size and that should work.

If you are at, and after you have uploaded the picture, click process at the bottom and then go back and click on the new picture image you just uploaded. Then go to the bottom right corner of your screen and find this and click it. Then you can copy and paste either the medium or big image whatever one you choose. Also the new feature of the new will already have the IMG tags in the front and the rear of your link. In other words there will be a [IMG] directly in front of the http:// of your link, and a [/IMG] directly at the rear of your link. So all you have to do is copy and paste that link wherever you want your picture to appear here in the post box. Remember wherever the flashing spacebar is in the white post box is where your picture will post once you paste it here.

If you're using once you upload your picture there and click save at the bottom, all you have to do is copy and paste the 4th link underneath your picture that you are wanting to post here that already has the [IMG] [/IMG] tags in the address url image tag link.

Now to post pictures from another site, or from another thread here, all you have to do is this. Go to the picture you are wanting to post here. Put your mouse on that picture. Right click your mouse and then click properties at the very bottom of the drop down menu. This will bring up a properties box. Go to where you see the word Address: with the (URL) directly underneath it. Directly out to the side of Address (URL) you will see http://www. followed by more letters. You need to click and hold your mouse and drag across all of that tag starting with http://www. Make sure you get all of the tag. This will highlight the tag in blue. Now once you get all of it copied, right click and then click copy. Now come here and get the post box to come up. When you are ready to post the picture here, click the yellow insert image box directly above the post box. It looks like this . After you click it, you will get a script prompt box to come up at the top left corner of your screen saying please enter the URL of your image. The word http:// will be in a white space at the bottom of the box. Now put your cursor in the white box and click your mouse. Then right click and then click paste. Then click ok. Then click submit reply at the bottom of the post box and your picture will post here.

You can do the same thing with attachments you upload. Just click on the links created when you upload them, copy the URL and then past it into the popup that comes up when you click on the icon.

This will get to be a piece of cake if you practice it. It isn't easy to put this into words here. I tried my best to do so.

I hope this will help most who don't know how to post pictures.


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