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Taurus G2C Range report

Was looking for a slightly lighter summer carry than my Walther PPQ. Looked at some forums and found alot of favorable reviews. Took a ride to my LGS & found that it was quite comfortable, looked well made "decent sights. " and was on sale. So I took a chance and walked out with a brand new handgun for a $197. Comes in a cardboard box with two 12 round mags. Field stripped it (incredibly simple) cleaned and gave it a touch of oil and off to the range we went. The trigger will take a few hundred (at least for me ) rds to get used to and once that happens its not bad at all. I have fired FMJ & hollow points, brass case , aluminum case , NATO rds and about 10-12 different brands. Well over 1000 rds fired. The gun never hiccuped, not once. At 10 yds I shoot consistent 3 inch groups from a standing position with no problem at all. I have no problem with this handguns reliability becoming my summer carry. Rear sight is adjustable and its a 3 dot setup, not the greatest but they dialed in fine for me and have not moved. I have to say I'm thrilled with this handgun, its accurate comfortable and reliable. All for under 2 hundred bucks, I doubt there's a better value on the market right now.
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