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These kind of scenario based questions come up alot when ive trained everyday citizens.

My response is usually based around the use of ALTERNATIVE force measures. The legal justification needed to deploy some OC is MUCH lower then that needed to use a firearm.

Additionally, the use of the OC and the subsequent reaction of the aggressors can speak volumes to their mindset.

By no means am i advocating the use of OC as a substitute for a firearm. If its time to shoot... Then SHOOT. But, for these types of gray areas, where justification for the use of deadly force is in question, a blast of good quality Pepper Spray into the assailant (or group of assailants) is easier to justify and has lighter legal ramifications if you are wrong.

The saying..." If all you have is a hammer, everything becomes a nail" applies here.
Options are ALWAYS good if properly applied. OC is not the proper response if facing an lethal threat, but for the in between stuff its a nice option to have
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