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I bought silencers because I want to 1. Impress the girls; 2. Look cool while carrying my silencer attached to my concealed handgun (and benefit 2b. While carrying concealed, it looks like I have an extra long penis); and 3. Be an urban assassin with a gun that goes phew phew phew.

Invest implies that the value of a silencer goes up. I have heard people mention that they're collectible and retain their value. For example, the guy in this article states that they don't lose value...

These people are mistaken. A silencer is a consumption purchase that, the moment it leaves the store, is worth nearly zero. There is practically no resale market for silencers.

Buy one because they're awesome and they protect hearing, and because they make your gun 10,000x times cooler.

* on a side note, I seriously did buy a silencer for concealed carry. It is one that I am waiting on. Its a short, compact little silencer for a 9mm. How well it works or carries is anyone's guess. I bought it just out of curiosity. Here it is...
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