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LLC ownership of NFA items


I've been doing a lot of reading online today (my brain hurts now) and I think I have my ducks in a row, but I wanted to post a simple question here to verify what I THINK I know.

I have an LLC (limited liability company for those who don't know) for a small, gun related business (but NOT an FFL holder of any sort).

Can my LLC purchase NFA items the same way that an NFA trust can? Meaning, without CLEO sign-off because that is impossible to get where I live (NFA items are legal under state and local law, the Chief of Police simply will not sign the forms).

Based on my online research, I believe the answer to be "YES", but I just want to double check. I'd REALLY like to hear personal experiences from those that have an LLC and have purchased NFA items, but all input is welcome.


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