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Depends on what you mean by easier. You don't need a CLEO sign off, you don't need a passport photo, you don't need fingerprints. A trust, or LLC, or corp doesn't require any of that stuff.

You just need to fill out the Form 1 (for the SBR) and you need to fill out the Form 4 (if you're transferring a silencer).

So if you have a CLEO who won't sign off, then you can either do a LLC or a Trust. The benefit of a Trust is that it is private. (unless your state requires court filing of a trust.)

The cost for doing a Trust can be up to $600. But it's a one time deal. Forming an LLC would be the charges to do that, plus annual charges if you live in a state that requires that.

I have names for attorneys in Michigan and Ohio who do them, if anyone is interested.


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