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WW alloys wont vary that much IME. I think what you are experiancing is from lack of heat control. If you cast with temps all over the place you will get results like you describe. The melt gets hotter as it gets closer to the bottom, chunking sprues and rejects back into the pot and continuing to cast without letting the temps even out again will do it also.

You need a casting thermometer, or a K type thermocouple and a multi-meter to keep the melt +-10 deg and your boolits will be closer to Match grade.
Bullets within a batch are consistent, variances from batch to batch is what I am describing. I don't put my sprue and rejects back into the pot until it runs empty and needs to be refilled so that doesn't apply. I'll adjust the temp gauge on my pot to keep my slug's dwell time in my mold down to a minimum but thats about it.

When shooting from a rest at 25 yards my bullet holes touch each other so maybe I'm not seeing the logic in changing what I do.

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