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I started out TLing but qwikly moved to a sizer & conventional grooved bullets (they don`t like boolits over here) for optimum performace from full bore loads !

I TL some of my plinkin bullets & have no problems in my revolvers ,fit or foulin.

Some bullets may require sizin for the auto loaders that headspace on the mouth , a big bullet may affect feeding & going into full battery!

Revolvers headspace on the rim & if it`ll chamber your good !

Sizing I feel is needed for those of us that load our SD/HD ammo, this is what I do . I size the bullet .358 (for either 38 or 357mag) & after loaded each round is tested in each chamber of each revolver it may be used in for function.

That`s my take on sizing others may wish not to & shoot thousands of rounds with out all the trouble of sizing , but I do !

Oh yeah , burnin alox gives my sinuses a fit , so useing a lube sizer offers different options on the lube ya can use !

Hunting , plinkin gets 359 bullets , hunting rounds get checked in each chamber for function.
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