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Well, at the point I ended with initially, I was facing this individual in a bladed stance. He was only 3 paces from me. I was looking directly at him, so I probably didn't look much like prey- even from hobbit height.

I was trying to stay clear, calm and ready. I was doing pretty well at those, but would have had trouble vocalizing. I had not moved off the path, though as I mentioned, I had limited space to move. I had seen no weapon.

This young man jinked to my left at the last possible moment. One more step, and I would have hit him. Since he was running, it is possible that the blow might have been lethal force.

Were I to do it over again, I would probably take at least one large step back, and palm my Native...and wait.

Since no-one incurred injury, and no legal issues arose, I suppose I did the right thing, or at least a right thing. It is also possible that mischief might have been intended, and the miscreant's alarm bells went off.

Incidentally, GD, I passed my 2nd Kyu test Sunday. Only 2 more to shodan.

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