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Well Spec if you say he looks "fit" and is around 6' tall I would guess if he didn't know you that he would probably think he had the advantage in hand to hand vs you.

IMHO running at someone is a hostile act especially if the runner is larger than the target.

I can think of several tactics.

You could move off his line of attack/direction as much as terrain allows and if it you felt he was going to try to hit you palm the knife [keep it closed] and use some type of unarmed technique on him. This would be the most liekly to lead to confrontation though.

You could also suddenly spin around and start walking [or running] towards him. If he was planning to attack you that should throw off his timing and force him to adjust his stride or forget it.

I have personally turned around and retraced my steps when things didn't feel right more than once. I figure getting out of the kill zone is more important than looking like I forgot something. I am usually moving towards some postion of cover or concealment. Or failing that some place that favors me [ie only one person can approach at a time].

So are you going to tell us what you did?
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