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As far as I can tell, you are responding the best way that you can.
In unarmed or semi-armed defense, if you figure it's going to happen no matter what then you want the element of surprise so you keep your weapons hidden as long as possible, but you put yourself in the best defensive position possible and show that you are not could possibly issue a loud command, "Stop where you are!" If the goblin advances, then you might pull the knife as a deterrent which you are ready to use...If he continues to advance or goes into combat stance, I believe you have used up your options other than running like a crazy person and hope that you were really good as a little kid in playing tag and you were never tagged, right?

Only you can determine flight or fight. With his height, I figure unless you get to an obstacle like a parked car nearby that you can run around...he'll outrun you so you might as well stand while you're not breathing hard and you're in a good defensive position.

From what is sounds like, you done're here and posting...good on you.
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