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Friday night, I was walking over to put a load of clothes in the washing machine when I saw a late-teen/early twenties man wearing a loose jacket and a ball cap. I had never seen him before, and immediately thought of my neighbor warning me of seeing a strange man walking through the complex a few days before.


I placed my load of clothes in the dryer, and was walking back to my apartment. I was taking the sidewalk up an incline that leads between the sides of two apartment buildings. To my left, I see two gentleman leaning against a truck about 40 yards away, talking. To my right, I see the young man I had remarked previously. 35 yards away, he leans on the hood of a car, in shadow. I begin walking up the sidewalk.

After a few paces, I hear something behind me. I turn my head, and continue walking, seeing the individual running toward the sidewalk. He reaches the sidewalk, and begins running upwards toward me. I point my right foot back towards him, blading me, and placing my P-32 close to my right hand, and my Native close to my left.

The young male is now close at hand, and shows no indication of veering away. He is about 6' tall, and appears fit.

What would you do?
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