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I've had similar situations. My roomate's brother stays over every couple of weeks, and it is policy that everyone who comes in leaves their keys on the little table by the door, so when I come in, I know someone's there. And this is why.
I came in one night and went into my room. I knew my roomate wouldn't come in until much later, so I thought I was alone. I heard sounds in my kitchen tht just shouldn't be there; we have no pets or anything like that. Thinking somebody broke through the sliding back door, I sprung in action and grabbed my K40 and walked sliently down the hall and peeped into the kitchen. There he was, stuffing his face with a sandwich. I hid my pistol behind me and said hi.
Which brings up this - when you go into your home, do you do an immediate search of the premisis, or do you just go on about your business? I have now taken into practice to scan the place before I settle down, so I know that I didn't enter my place and a badguy is snooping about.
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