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Had an "incident" the other night. I woke up at 3AM and could see that a light was on in the front of the house. I woke my wife and told her I was going to check it out, got the Ruger and went down the hall at Ready, pie-sectioning each doorway.

The kitchen light was on, and there was my brother, who's staying with us. He'd had a 3AM urge to dispose of some post-Halloween Snickers bars. I lowered the pistol to point at the floor as soon as I saw him, and said, "Oh, it's you."

He saw the gun and got bug-eyed. He knows I shoot, he knows I keep it loaded and ready, but somehow the reality never came home to him till then. Maybe he thought that my talk of home defense was just gunny speculation. We were both raised in upstate NY but I lived 20 years in Texas where the rules are different. I reassured him that he was never in any danger since I do not shoot at unidentified targets and my finger stays out of the trigger guard till I get an ID.

Lesson #1: Everybody sleeping in the house, even guests, needs to know that you will react to bumps in the night, and how.

Lesson #2: If you have night-lights throughout the house, you can arrange the pictures on your walls so that you can see who's where in each room without exposing yourself to fire.
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