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LASur5er kind of answered his own question ... 11-13 years old sounds like the best thing. It's not just maturity but bone formation you have to take into account; starting any sport earlier than puberty shapes the child's physical characteristics no end. Think women's gymnastics, though that's an extreme example.

I know I started everything when I was 12 ... such as golf (because any earlier would have warped my bones) taekwondo, and serious hiking (which i still do.) Personally I'd want my kids to learn when they hit puberty. Hunter-gatherer societies for the most part don't let children handle live weapons til then, for good reasons. Til puberty I'll give them BB guns and whatever and make sure they damn well knew not to run amok and screw up with them. One friend of mine capped his neighbor's house with several hundred rounds as a kid and got the hiding of his life way back when. Nothing like a good object lesson to instill discipline.

That's not to say I object to parents letting their kids fire .22s as toddlers, I think rr41mag is a responsible parent. Constant supervision is the way to go no matter what age; that way if there is a problem it can be righted fast. Do I make sense?

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