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Lots of misinformation in the previous post.
I'll keep my chrome lined barrel and I'm very happy with the DI on my 7.5, 10.5 and 14.5 inch uppers, even though I have a SCAR that's piston powered.

But I will agree that the Ruger is one of the better ARs on the market, unless you're stepping up to HK, LCW, Noveske or other premium platform. I find it just as good as Sig's AR-15 and I'm quite a Sig fan.

Unlike quite a few companies with their "me too" ARs, Ruger seems to of put quite a bit of thought into their ARs and made something that it's just another AR. Though I find it heavy, it's still a great gun and with the adjustable gas port, it's perfect for a suppressor.

I just wished Ruger would make an SBR length upper.
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