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Tennessee, why should I hold the ADL as an expert on Militias?

You do know that they are an anti-gun organization, yes? They filed an amicus brief in Heller for the District of Columbia, where they specifically held the view that the 2A should not be incorporated and that the method of Judicial Scrutiny should be the Rational Basis test - A level of scrutiny wherein most every law passes. (side note: expect to see an amicus brief for Chicago, next week, filed either directly by the ADL or in concert with other like-minded groups)

From their own website:
ADL To Supreme Court: States Should Regulate Firearms
High Court Makes Landmark Ruling on Gun Rights
Heller: Brief of 63 Amici
Using the ADL as an authority on 2A matters, is similar to using the ACLU for the same, and only slightly less smelly than using the Brady Campaign as your "expert."
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