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I've had the same problem in my area as well. We have cowboy shooters and more "horse people" in the area than you can shake a saddle blanket at but can't get the two together. I decided a couple of years ago to go on a recruiting spree and started openly solicity at horse shows, rodeos, equine vets offices, pole bendings, barrel races (I even talked to one kid riding the horse in front of Wal-Marts until his mother threateened to call the police) and with all the "horse people" I know, which is considerable, to no avail. One would think that in your area, Kentucky of ALL places there would be people knocking each other down wanting to show off their horses and play cowboy even more so than in mine.
I finally simply sat down and tried to explain it as delicately as possible to my mare that is was not her fault and there were just no real cowboys in the area. She took it hard at first but now seems to be adjusting.


We live in a time in which attitudes and deeds once respected as courageous and honorable are now scorned as being antiquated and subversive.
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