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If they are any stronger it is only marginally. In my experience if the hull is going to buckle it won't matter what type you try, they will all do it.

I would guess that you are using a slow powder in fairly large quantities AND winchester wads if you buckled a hull. Green Dot, International Clays or something like them? With a hull like the AA you have to watch what powders you use as some of them are just too bulky to load heavy in combination with the winchester wads like the WAA12 and WAA12SL. The Remington Figure 8 wad will give you more room, so will a Hornady Versalite or a Windjammer. Bumping the wad pressure up to 55-60 pounds MIGHT get you the room you need to crimp the hull, but you will still likely buckle a few.

If you want to use heavy charges of slow powder the Remington SP hull is a good choice (green or black ribbed with a steel casehead), it has a lot of capacity.

If you are buckling hulls and not using slow powders and winchester wads let me know and we can look in a different direction.
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