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Guns are not vintages of wine.
There are no "good years or bad years" there are only good or bad individual guns.
Banger Punta made some truly great S&W revolvers and some bad ones, so the only option is to judge each gun on its own merits.

With that said, as long as the gun isn't totally trashed out and damaged so bad as to preclude it, S&W can repair it to perfect working condition.
You'd have to send the gun in for them to evaluate it and issue you an estimate, but they do the best work and do it at very competitive prices.
They guarantee the work, and have all the right tools and parts, something many local gunsmiths don't have.

As for the "flange of metal on the end of the barrel" I assume the rear end.
If so, its common to see a burr of metal around the rear of older stainless S&W revolvers. This is no caused for alarm, and is simply something left when the barrel was fitted to the frame.

You'd be amazed at what S&W can do, and how reasonable the pricing can be for something that looks like a major repair.
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