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About to rebarrel a Savage

I'm wanting a general use precision rifle in either .243 or .260. No plans to get into competition, just have fun at the range. Don't need to use it for hunting. I want a rifle with light recoil. I am going with a 26" Heavy/Varmint barrel. I know 142SMKs with a 1:8 twist is a very popular long range setup, but I'm also considering .243 in 107 SMK or .260 in 123 for the lighter recoil and I think I will RARELY (never?) have opportunity to shoot past 500, 600 yards. I am learning to reload right now, but having the right twist rate to shoot off the shelf ammo accurately is a plus.

Based on what I've read from other reloaders:
243- 107 SMK with .527 BC can expect about 2850-2900fps
260- 123 SMK with .510 BC can expect about 2950-3000fps

Are my velocities off? (It seems to me the 123s would be slower..) If not, do I want a little more speed or a little higher BC?

To shoot the 107s I would need 1:8 twist, but most off the shelf ammo is better suited for 1:9 because the ammo is lighter. I think this is why I'm leaning towards the .260. Oh, and I already have .260 dies so that'll save a little money.

At 600 yards and less do the 142 SMKs offer any significant advantage over the 123s?
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