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Feds have no power

You seem like you are all for State's rights but reading your post makes you sound like a "wolf in sheeps clothing". First, if this law is passed, and any federal agent were to be prossocuted for it, Wyoming does not have to turn said agent over to the federal courts. This would be a State issue, not a Constitutional issue. The supreme court is only supposed to hear cases that pertain to the constitution. As any "gun ban/magazine ban" would not ba an amendment to our Constitution, only an un-constitutional law against the 2nd Amendment, the supreme court would not apply.
Second, I would personally like to see our great State change this bill from a law to an amendment to the State Constitution, adding it to the Wyoming Freedom of Firearms amendment already passed.
People today do not realize that the States already have a trump on any and all federal laws that are not constitutional amendments or treaties with foriegn nations. It is called the 10th amendment! Yes, the Constitution and said treaties with foriegn nations, according to the Constitution are the supreme law of the land. This is why the fed is trying to get the small arms treaty passed. They know an amendment to the constitution would fail to be ratified. This is were the States can pick apart federal law. The States just need to start standing up for themselves and our rights! "We the People" can do this!
Call your State representatives! Tell your family and friends to do the same!! Continue to call everyday! They need to hear from The People!!
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