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Colorado is a great state to hunt in from my personal experiences. When I have been in an area where I have needed to walk a public road back to camp, it was rare for any vehicle passing by not to stop and visit or if not would slow down as to not choke you with dust. Unfortunately here one would need to cover up as a vehicle blasts you with dust as they fly past.
One of my neiboring hunting groups was displaced, DP's (DPH) because of several huge clear cuts. They spent a reasonable amount of time the next fall looking for a new area and I had even suggested to them an area that I was personally invited To move into by a family that through a death was not going to hunt the area across the lake from me. I passed the info to the wonderful nieboring camp and they scouted it and come opening were met with a shirt tail relative that insisted in a not at all friendly way that they were intruding and were not welcome.
And these young guys just lost their father the past winter and the bitter-sweet first season without him was made so much worse by the territorial claim by many.
I like the frame work Colorado uses separating the seasons thereby keeping the hunter numbers much more spread out throughout the fall.
A bunch of years back we changed areas due to low deer counts and high wolf numbers (back in the early years of the wolf protection) and settled into an area where we didn't see any activity the second week of season. The next fall there was a small family group at the same site and they only hunted the first 2 days so we stayed away from them and got to be good friends and always looked forward to the yearly rendezvous.
Then there is also the transition of hunting methods, back 30 years ago the big groups would drive thousands of acres in 40 and 80 acre blocks. Very few hunters would spend any extended time sitting in a stand. A stand could only be 6 feet and portables were few. Nowadays driving deer is not so common with the stand hunters being the great majority. I personally didn't care for the big drives with all the ground level shooting that came with it and was ready when the time came (die off of the oldtimers) to get my own place and hunt solo by stalking and stand hunting.
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