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I thought we were all supposed to get along.
Get along?
Why I do try my best to get along with everyone i come into contact with in the field/bush/slough/etc. But that isn't always reciprocated.
Its jut easier the fewer souls you have to deal with!
Now Colorado Peoples are about as nice as i have encountered but unfortunately not everyone out there hunting is a resident of that Great State.
Get Along??
Try mooching through the Minnesota North Woods on opening weekend of firearms Deer season. ,,,,,Hey where are you going???? Who me?,,,,, YES YOU!!!!,,,,, Errr, Why?,,,,,,,, Hey, we have been hunting this spot for 30 years and we have 10 people in stands around here!!!!!,,,,,,, Ok, Mack,,, I didn't know this was private property?? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,Well its not but WE have been here for 30 years and there's too many hunters here already!!!
Get Along???
Sad to say but GET ALONG is a pipe dream to many!
Now i have even heard of people getting shot at when they enter into another's supposed turf. Of course they were just shooting at a deer when challenged by a Conservation officer.
And if you say that doesn't happen most other places I will believe you NOT!
And to be 100% truthful i like another hunter walking around in front of my stand about as much as i like a fly in my bowl of cornflakes!
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