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I found this on another board:

Re: USA made scopes?
There is no scope manufacture that produces 100% made in USA scopes. Not even Leupold. If you contact Leupold about their lens this is their response.

"The lenses in our scopes are about the only item we do not make in our plant in Oregon. We buy our lenses, which are designed entirely by Leupold engineers, from both domestic and international sources. We would like to buy all our lenses in the United States, but there is not currently a lens manufacturer who can meet our quality standards in the volume we require."

Even in this response they contradict themselves about domestic lens.

There are only a couple manufacturers in the USA that make quality lens and they are so expensive that a scope maker would have to charge outrageous prices even for their low end scopes.

The FTC only requires that a product assembled in America with 50% or more parts made in America may carry the Made in USA label.
I may be wrong about the VX-1, but regardless of where the lenses come from, the resolution, as I compared with a VX-II bought at the same time, there is a significant difference!!! I can't recommend the VX-1, as there are other scopes (like the Mueller 4-14x APV) that are even clearer, for less money. However, the VX-2 I just bought is very nice and worth every penny!!!

The VX-1 I bought for a friend a few years ago didn't have a lifetime guarantee.
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