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Yep. You know it's empty. No question about it. Couldn't possibly have a hot round in it.

A former president of my club was sure his carry gun was empty. Emptied it, counted the cartridges, looked through each hole in the cylinder. Checked it twice, then blew a hole through his television set, a wall in his house, the passenger door on his car, the driver's door and into the outside wall of his garage. To this day, eleven years later, he does not know where that round came from.

The idea isn't that you are or are not 'sure' the gun is loaded. The idea is that you develop a discipline that doesn't matter if the gun is or is not loaded.

I fire my gun, I feel the recoil, I see the hole in the target or hear the gong. You're all watching, you also see the hole or hear the gong. I lower the gun to my hip, held horizontal and pointing down range. I step back from the line with the gun still held horizontal at my hip, turn 180 degrees sweeping the line and the loading area with the muzzle and walk away from the line. That's gotta be ok, doesn't it? I mean, I KNOW the gun is empty - I just fired it. Right? None of you would have any problem with that?

Some people are so obsessive about safety I don't see how they ever have any fun.
Hawg, do you really think I'm missing out on the fun of shooting my GPR if I don't blow down the barrel? What fun is there in doing that? I gotta tell you that there are several dozen places I can think of to put my mouth that are a lot more fun than that.
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