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FYI, should anyone attend any NMLRA matches: the practice is outlawed at NMLRA events.
Originally Posted by NMLRA Range Rules & Regulations, Range Safety
1090–BLOWING DOWN THE BARREL–There will be NO blowing down the barrel of any firearm during NMLRA matches in any manner that requires placing the head in front of the muzzle. A flexible blow tube may be used at the shooter’s option, provided that the shooter’s head is not placed in front of the muzzle.
It's been debated on this and other forums, and around campfires and potbellied stoves for years. Probably no other subject causes more discussion amongst muzzleloaders than blowing down the barrel.

I'm one of those who believes it's an unsafe practice; I will never intentionally place certain areas of my anatomy directly in line with a firearm muzzle. If I'm serving as an RSO at a NMLRA event, or at my club's range, I'll prohibit the practice. Other than that you may do it if you wish; I'll not reopen the debate here, nor will I disrespect those who disagree.
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